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Comments from our Clients:
"adopt2Connect is a wonderful new resource for adoptive families and families thinking about adopting. We have recommended it to all of our clients!" – Renee Hettich, MA, LMSW, Social Worker, Family Connections, Inc.
"adopt2Connect keeps adoptive families connected, informed and inspired. Hats off to an innovative and life changing resource! " Karla Marie Williams, President/Speaker/ Radio Show Host, Family by Design ~ All Things Adoption
"Of all of the adoption web sites now available professionals and adoptive parents at all stages of their journey, adopt2Connect is a refreshing diamond in the rough. The site provides straight-forward connections to other professionals, parents, pre-adoptive parents and birth families. Unlike many other sites, adopt2Connect is easy to navigate, doesn't overwhelm you with distractions from your intended purpose of visiting sites and does what it says - connects people to each other who have an interest, whatever it may be, in adoption. In addition adopt2Connect provides access to current resources (papers, webinars, events, and forums among its members) in a way that is user-friendly and chock full of helpful and insightful information. Whether you are just beginning our adoption journey, or a seasoned professional in the field of adoption, adopt2Connect is a venue you should be sure to explore." Amanda Grant, Founder of USAdopt
"I find adopt2connect to be a great resource for folks in "ALL" stages of adoption, for those just considering it, in the process and have completed it. It provides a safe/ non intimidating media for frank and honest discussion of the many issues and hurdles we all face." Terry Pargmann, Member.