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About Our Community:

adopt2Connect, is not just a social network, but a resource to be there for you throughout your adoption process - before, during and after.  Our community provides users with the following:

Adoption Support Whether you are thinking about adoption, or are already in the process, you will find our Community Center Wall a great resource for adoption specific information as well as meeting others. Through these interactions lifelong friendships can form.
Parenting Support If you have already adopted a child through International, Domestic or Foster Care, you can interact with other parents and talk through the challenges and explore new family routines.  Think about the fun you and your child will have learning about all of life's wonderful experiences. We’ll help you find parents going through a similar process.
Birthmother Support Support for woman who are interested in learning more about possibly placing their unborn child with a loving family through adoption.  Our network allows you to  research and connect with Adoption Professionals within our network to help find the right family for your child. It also allows interaction with other members that may have gone through or are going through a similar experience.
Access to Adoption Professionals Research and connect with professionals through the use of our Adoption Support Pages.  Join their individual groups to keep up to date on news, articles, Twitter and Facebook posts, and specific adopt2Connect forum posts etc.
Are you an Adoption Professional? If so contact us today to set up your free support page and join our amazing community.


“We love all the features on adopt2connect. Its an effective and easy way to meet other people around the country interested in adoption, and there is a wealth of resources available to families and professionals alike. All for free! Thanks adopt2Connect!” - Ryan Schwab, Director of Marketing at Independent Adoption Center

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